Clairvoyance – It’s Not a Coincidence that You Feel what Others Don’t

Clairvoyance comes from the 17th century French words clair, meaning “clear,” and voyant meaning “vision,” and if you’re reading this article, it’s likely that you’ve recently experienced some recent phenomenon that made you seek more knowledge. Perhaps you saw something in your mind’s eye that you couldn’t have known any other way.

Maybe you foresaw an event that occurred to you, your loved ones or even strangers. Perhaps your sixth-sense led you to do something out of the ordinary that led to extraordinary results. Whatever the reason, you seek understanding. You hunger for a “clear vision” of what you are experiencing.

Is clairvoyance your sixth sense?

Your abilities are known by many names; sixth sense, ESP, psychic abilities, mindreading, visions, prophecies, etc. These terms have been used in pop culture, various religions, spiritual circles, even skeptics.

Regardless the source or the terminology, you have the ability to see things that cannot be experienced through your tangible five senses of touch, sight, smell, hearing or taste.

Your mind receives visions of things that are, or that are to come, without typical sensory input. At the onset of your discovery, it is important to understand that everyone, in some way, possesses clairvoyant abilities.

Clairvoyance is part of the human experience. It reminds us that we are inextricably bound to each other, our surroundings and the energy that flows through every living creature. It also reminds us that some are simply more sensitive to psychic gifts while others, out of fear of reprisal, try to keep their gifts secret.

Further, it is important to understand that your psychic abilities carry with them no negative or ill effects. The power you possess occurs naturally in all of us and exists to benefit yourself, those you surround yourselves with, and in some cases, strangers you have never before met.

Your research has undoubtedly already revealed stories of families saved from terrible circumstances thanks to the ‘intuition’ of someone who was brave enough to intercede on their behalf.

Uncovering and cultivating your hidden clairvoyance

Perhaps your experiences come in the form of intuition, or perhaps they are a clear vision in your mind’s eye that accompanies very real inner-auditory and super-visual experiences.

Or perhaps they are simply knowledge you possess without knowing how you came to possess it. This is all a part of the phenomenon of clairvoyance.

Undoubtedly you have questions. You may be asking how to utilize your clairvoyant abilities Or you may wonder how you can strengthen them? Or how to control, focus and even direct them?

In short, your psychic reading is one of the fundamental tools to help you understand where you are on your extra sensory journey through life.

Your individual reader can provide you specific tools like meditation, study, focus tools, astrology, or others to help you exercise your ‘mental muscle.’

Psychics can help you understand the positive powers you possess and how to utilize them without feeling overwhelmed.

Most importantly, your psychic will help you realize that you are not alone; that you are a part of an ever-increasing body of like-minded and spiritually gifted children of clairvoyance.

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