Unfaithful Man – 6 Telltale Signs that He’s Cheating on You

You made a vow to each other to stick together no matter what came between the two of you. Recently, however, he is not the same guy you knew. Your instincts could be telling you that he is has been an unfaithful man. And usually when there is smoke, there’s fire.

There are signs that he could be doing something behind your back, but you cannot simply place a finger on them. Here, we give you six of the most telltale signs that has you questioning if you have an unfaithful man. If you see two or more these signs, you have reason to be afraid.

  1. The Usual Signs of an Unfaithful Man

If he comes home looking fatigued (and he does not pass by the gym), has lipstick on his shirt or a foreign scent that you are not aware of, you should be sure there is someone sharing him with you. If you also find a piece of hair on his body that does not matich the latest hairdo you have, it belongs to another sister he is seeing behind your back. You need no more proof.


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  1. Absence

His absence can be physical or mental. If he suddenly begins taking long weekends at work or longer hours at work, he is taking time from your relationship to spend it with someone else. Unless you are sure he is genuinely engaged in certain tasks in his life, you need to find out the truth before it is too late. Most people use their careers as excuses to focus on other affairs away from their primary relationships. If he is there with you but his thoughts seem to be elsewhere, that too is a sign that makes you think that you have an unfaithful man.


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  1. New Grooming Methods

When you met him and until recently, he cared little about expensive clothes and cologne. However, nowadays he worries too much about what he will put on before heading out of the house. Be sure that he is doing it to impress a new love interest he has met somewhere in his life. For the most part, such behavior could be a result of the opinion of the other love interest.


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  1. You No Longer Exist

You may be there with him, but he seems to look right through you; like you are not there. You go out for dinner, and you wear the shoes he used to tell you he hates yet he says you look good. Be aware that his focus has been shifted to another woman, and he cares little about you. Take action before he tells you to that you are done. Don’t wait for someone to ask ” Is your man cheating on you.”


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  1. Your Mind Cannot Stop Telling You Things

Before you ignore that voice in your head and call it insecurity, you should consider checking with the other signs to ensure that you avoid staying blind and being caught unawares. Our minds (and hearts) tend to know things, but they do not know how to tell us exactly. Although at time it is simple insecurity, keep in mind that he could be communicating signs that only your mind can read.


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  1. Overly Sensitive

For years, he has been okay with you going out with your girls, but he suddenly becomes irritated when you tell him you are going out with your friends. Or he starts accusing you of cheating. This is simply a way of hiding his guilt of being an unfaithful man since he’s doing you wrong. Rather than simply wondering and complaining to your friends about it, try to read between the lines as he may be letting out something about his affairs.


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