Spiritual Mediums – The Past is Gone but Not Forgotten

Spiritual Mediums are people that believe they can communicate with spirits of the deceased, via sending these spirits messages and also by being able to conversely receive them.

It is also believed that both the medium and the spirit are aware of this transaction when it occurs. Unlike other types of psychics, such as the sensitives, a medium is able to communicate with the dead at any point in time, anywhere they happen to be, typically at will.

Brief History Of Spiritual Medium Readings

The practice of mediumship has a long and storied past and is associated very heavily with a myriad of different religions such as Vodoun, Voodoo, various “New Age” systems of mysticism and the array of beliefs that fall under the category of Spiritualism.

There are various different methods and types of readings that tend to take place with some of the more common situations where spiritual mediums are taken over by a ghost. They are used as a vessel or mouthpiece for that particular otherworldly being.

Another would be where the medium simply listens to the spirit and then tells those gathered what the spirit wants them to know or not know.

There are other less reputable and more melodramatic forms, typically referred to as séances, wherein there is some kind of physical manifestation of the spirit and exhibitions of telekinesis or pyromancy.

What Are Spiritual Mediums?

The classical conception of spiritual mediums as the role of intermediary (hence the name, “Medium”) between the world of the living and the world of the dead, so you can see that the belief in such abilities isn’t without a string of other belief inherently entailed.

For if you believe in ghosts in the classical sense, you must also believe that there is some kind of afterlife. The belief we do not diminish over time.

There are various terms for the method the particular medium chooses (or perhaps is forced to use, depending on the demands of his or her customers). Some include but are not limited to:

Mental Mediumship

This is basically just telepathy or something very near it, where the medium sits or stands, focusing intently and, “Hears” or in some other way, whether visually or via some other stimuli, senses the spirit and collects the requisite information.

Trance Mediumship

This is very much as it sounds, a more tribal form of mental mediumship wherein the spirits are said to possess the medium and bring him to a trance. Sometimes the conditions are reversed where the spiritual medium goes into a trance so that he or she may be possessed.

Physical Mediumship

This is the most impressive and often the most dubious kind of mediumship wherein the practitioner channels or otherwise manipulates various forms of energy from the spirits that the medium is attempting to reach.

Producing loud voices, knocking or shouts, a whirl of voices of bursts of light, these types of spiritual mediums are often frauds and it is a type of psychic best avoided.

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