Psychic Mediums vs Clairvoyants – How to Tell Them Apart

The Psychic Mediums are fascinating people that have the ability to feel and hear from people that have passed on from the physical world.  Spirits of people that are on the other side can communicate with Mediums to relay messages to loved ones.

It is very common for Psychic Mediums to hear from your loved ones just by being in the same room with you!  Their abilities are very powerful and they usually hear from multiple spirits at once.

Psychic Mediums usually write down signs and symbols of the messages they get. Let’s say your departed loved one tells the Medium about a ring or a certain date.

When you get a true psychic medium to connect for you, the messages they receive are quite healing. Sometimes people feel like they didn’t do enough for the person that passed, or that they did something wrong towards the end of the passing and Mediums relay messages that release you from guilt, pain and fear.

Our loved ones on the other side are in a place of total love and peace and have full understanding of life and they get to communicate with us through Mediums to heal us so we can continue living our lives and fulfill our purpose for being here.

Clairvoyants can sense things that most people can’t. They know what situations you are dealing with, things that have happened to you, things that will happen and sometimes ways you can change your situation for a more positive outcome.

Clairvoyants might simply start talking about strange feelings they are getting out of the blue. Feelings that are overwhelming that they have to share with you to feel better about the circumstances.

Some Clairvoyants only see events in your future and some only feel what is going to happen, and some can do both. Clairvoyants can see past the here and now and tap into things that are beyond time and space. They have a sense of knowing that can easily cause you to question if they are somehow looking up your information online.

The definition of a Clairvoyant is one who sees things clearly.  What they see clearly are usually things that no one else knows about, things you haven’t talked about and also things that you don’t know about yet.  It happens all within them  and they do not need Tarot Cards or other tools.

They don’t usually hear messages from the other side, although there are some Clairvoyants that are also Psychic Mediums. Clairvoyants can usually tell you things about objects, people and places.

They have extra-sensory perception that allows them to see beyond what normal people see and draw conclusions that accurately reflect events, feelings and locations.

Tap into energy that others cannot and they interpret that energy into thoughts and feelings of things that were, things that are and things that will come.

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