Psychic Healer – How to Cleanse Yourself Spiritually

A psychic healer will use their powers of the body, mind, and spirit. They have powers to heal the body in ways that science and medicine cannot fully explain.

These healers often use herbs, scents and colors to help influence the psychic abilities of those who are in need of spiritual healing

Psychic Healer – The Art of Hypnosis Explained

The art of hypnosis has shown that when subjected to suggestion, the body is able to control the flow of blood and pain. This makes it possible to perform procedures without the use of medication or nerve blockers. The amount of blood loss can be cut down significantly in this state by using suggestion and the recovery time is often much higher than traditional procedures.

While this has never been used in major surgery, for minor surgery or repair, the possibilities are only limited by the ability to be hypnotized and the hypnotist. The psychic healer will use this same principal of hypnosis, but do it without hypnosis. These individuals use the mind, in particular their mind and the mind of those needing healed to heal.

Procedures vs Rituals

These healers do not perform procedures, but rather rituals in which the healer and the patient often enter trances and attempt to subdue the illness or injury and encourage the body to heal quickly. Before modern medicine, this type of healing was the most highly regarded form of healing possible. This method has been around for generations, and can be great when used in conjunction with modern medicine. This spiritual healing was performed by the local Shaman.

Healing doesn’t mean the damage never existed. It means the damage no longer controls our lives. ~ Akshay Dubey

How to Cleanse the Body of Negative Energy

Shaminism is one of the oldest spiritual practices for the last 30,000 years. The Shaman is a spiritual healer and medicine man most commonly associated with the Native Americans. The Secret knowledge they have that’s past down to them from generations before is said to have healing powers.

Shaman will get his power from the soul and the protection of their power animals and compassionate spirit. The power animals is what best represents each Shaman.

Psychic healing is not a method of medicine that should be used alone, unless the injury or illness does not bare any chances of spreading or getting worse. When used in conjunction with modern medicine, the results can be astounding. Those who have used both types of medicine report that their injuries heal faster than those how use a single method.

The psychic healer stresses the importance of seeking medical attention if the problem is serious. They explain how the two medicines can help each other in the healing of the patient.

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