Are Psychic Guides Real? Expose the Fakes and Uncover the Truth

A person with true psychic abilities will understand that to have such a gift is a responsibility… Click To TweetThese days it seems like psychic guides are everywhere. Whether you turn on your television, or your computer, you will find ads from them. Pick up a newspaper or a magazine and it’s more of the same.

There are psychics and fortune tellers for just about everything it seems. Some will tell your future, some will bring you the love of your life, others promise fortune and fame.

Are Psychic Guides Real?

Like the gypsy fortunetellers of old, psychics like to employ different methods to make their predictions.

Some claim to be able to tell you about your future just by hearing your voice on the telephone.

They might ask you a few things about yourself in order to get an accurate reading.

Others like to use tarot cards to do their predicting. This method has gained a lot of popularity as of late.

So the question a lot of people find themselves asking is, are psychic guides real?

Some people have made quite a lot of money predicting the future, speaking to the dead, and recounting past lives.

But whether or not these people are truly psychic is still a matter of some skepticism.

A lot of them are outright frauds. In all fairness, there are also fraudulent lawyers, and politicians too.

The difference is that psychics don’t have any regulations or rules to answer to.

How to Distinguish between the Good and Bad

They can say what they want, charge whatever they feel like for the advice, and then blame you when they get the answer wrong.

Are psychic guides real? Well why would some people be able to see the future, and others not?

Why would some be able to talk to spirits, while others hear and see nothing at all?

Why not everyone? Psychic “gifts” are rarely, if ever that.

A lot of that is just people with no moral compunctions preying on the more vulnerable.

A good way to test that theory is to simply ask a legitimate question.

A person with true psychic abilities should have no trouble divining the answer to a simple question like what your dog’s name was or is.

A fake will just give you a long winded excuse, or the wrong answer altogether.

Psychic Guides – The Real Deal

Yes it is true there are portions of the brain that are unused, and that inside these unused sections of the brain might very well be the ability to predict the future and read palms.

There are unlimited possibilities as to what could be, but if a person is truly gifted in that regard, they probably wouldn’t be very busy.

A person with true psychic abilities will understand that to have such a gift is a responsibility not a party favor.

Psychic Guides with true abilities will know that such gifts when given are to be used to help those less fortunate.

Are psychic guides real? Some are!

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