Pregnancy Prediction Test – 10 Most Common Signs You’re Pregnant

First of all, you need to think whether there’s a possibility of you being pregnant. Despite all the teen magazines and teenager myths your parents tell you to discourage you from having sex you can’t get pregnant just by sitting next to your boyfriend. If you have any reasons to believe that you might have a bun in the oven. This is the perfect time to take a pregnancy prediction test to ease your mind even for a brief moment.

Pregnancy Prediction Test: Don’t Ignore the Early Signs

You need to remember that not every woman has the same body – some woman reacts one way, some another – safest way is to take a pregnancy prediction test and visit your gynecologist.

1. Missing Period

Unless you are sure that you’ve had no protection sex, a missing period is usually the first sign that concerns you and makes you think about taking a pregnancy prediction test. Now, even though it’s a well-known fact that late periods are a common thing amongst women, you’re probably familiar with how much can your period usually be late – so you can realize whether you’re not getting it, or it’s just usually late.

Pregnancy Prediction Test

Don’t forget that there are few more reasons that might cause your period to be late – such as changing climate, an unusual amount of stress and so on – so don’t rush to conclude you’re pregnant for sure. Taking the pregnancy prediction test and visiting your gynecologist will tell you for sure if you have any reasons to worry about.

2. Menstrual Cramps

One of the reasons why women don’t notice early pregnancy is because they mistake their cramps for the period. Usually, if women experience menstrual cramps, they are likely to experience pregnancy cramps (if they’re not getting the menstrual cramps, they probably won’t have pregnancy cramps either).

Cramps are showing up usually along with the spotting, and that is the reason why it may seem like a period – but intensity and incidence should be entirely different than when you’re having your period. Another thing that might come up as a telltale sign is a white, milky discharge from women vagina – which usually starts right after conception.

3. Urinating

Around a sixth or eighth week after conception, you might experience going to the bathroom more often than ever. Although the reason behind this could be diabetes, overusing diuretics or urinary tract infection, if you’re pregnant, the chances are good that it’s due to hormonal levels. Don’t worry if a leak here and there occurs – it’s a common thing, and nothing you should be embarrassed about – find out if you’re knocked up. Take a pregnancy prediction test before you celebrate!

4. Morning Sickness (nausea)

Not every woman has morning sickness when she’s pregnant but most of them do. Although you can experience nausea a bit later, by now you should already be sure whether you’re pregnant or not. This is one of the telltale signs you are pregnant. Do yourself a favor, don’t wait and take the pregnancy prediction test. If you haven’t planned on having a baby that might be the reason why you are in denial.

Pregnancy Prediction Test

The worst part is that nausea may stick around throughout your whole pregnancy. Be careful what you put in your body during this time. Some women’s body react differently to medicine and even could affect your fetus. Make sure to go to the doctor before taking any medication. Feeling like shit is not fun! We all want a quick fix so we can feel better but you are making decisions for two. Ask your doctor what’s you should or should not take. At the very least take a pregnancy prediction test.

5. Mood Swings

Sure, women are well-known for changing mood more often, but if there are any possibilities that they are pregnant – there’s their excuse and a good one! Since their body is changing and hormones are kicking it off real hard – they can’t control their feelings, so you need to be extra careful and caring during the pregnancy. Headaches might occur as well, so there’s another thing not helping with their mood.

6. Unconsciousness

Many things could cause unconsciousness, but it’s all related with hormone rush and extreme body changes. You and your spouse need to realize that you’re very sensitive so you need to take extra care of yourself. You could be experiencing dizziness quite frequently, fainting as well, so don’t ever be left alone. Also, you shouldn’t be doing any physical work!

7. Food and Smell Aversion

As your body is changing and you’re feeling a lot of changes. This one is going to affect you as well. Even though it comes up a bit later, it can be very unpleasant and hard to handle. Even your favorite food might become the most offensive thing now; that makes you throw up as soon as you smell it. Also, your sense of smell is heightened, so certain smells could suddenly make you gag – so be prepared for everything.

8. Exhaustion

Another common thing occurring even a week after conception is exhaustion. You might not notice it since you’ll just be laying around all day long and not feeling energy for anything, but others are going to notice it for sure. Even though this can happen due to many reasons, if it’s pregnancy causing it, it’s going on because of high blood production, the level of blood sugar dropping and increased progesterone levels.

9. Breast Changes

This usually represents the early sign of pregnancy. They aren’t just becoming larger – they are also getting more sensitive and sore. It can hurt if you don’t touch them gently. Hormones are doing their job so that you can expect nipple changes as well. Areolas  could get darker and also wider. All of these changes are going to stay around, so it’s going to take some time for you to get used to it.

10. Bleeding More

Although this one could be a bit dangerous, you shouldn’t worry yourself too much. It can occur through nose or gums bleeding – not much you can do about it. Besides all of the changes you’ll be experiencing, this one doesn’t necessarily have to affect you. There’s a chance it might not even happen. If it does, you just have to sit through it and you’re done. Just make sure you stay calm, and you won’t have any troubles with it.

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