Pregnancy Gender Predictor – Should We Be Playing God?

Privately couples wonder about the gender of their baby before it is born. There are quizzes online such as the pregnancy gender predictor quiz claiming it’s able to predict if it is a boy or girl.

Medical instruments such as the ultrasound  are available but some parents avoid this route. The Chinese prediction chart and there are plenty of wives tales to keep a couple busy while they work towards a conclusion.

Practically everyone has a theory. Many have heard about the high-low opinion, if you carry high it is a girl or if you carry low it is a boy. Others believe if you carry a baby in the hips, it is a boy and the theories go on.

Getting the baby’s gender correct will win you no awards but it might get some curious looks among relatives and friends. Overall, the new mother will love the attention.

People devised ways of trying to predict the gender of a child long before the age of ultra sounds and other modern technologies. The theory of cold feet and dry hands opts in favor of a boy and the idea of having a rough time staying beautiful, screams a little girl.

Food is also a common sign of the pregnancy gender predictor. Craving treats is a serious sign of a new woman in your life, fruit or tangy cravings points toward the male.

A rather interesting test and a not so safe one is the Draino test. Mix urine with this substance. If it shows a green color, it is a darling little girl.

On the opposite side if it shows, the color blue is a boy. This test is not recommended. It is suggested to use baking soda, if it fizzles that means girl, no fizzle means boy. Facts has nothing to do with these theories they are all subjective, some would bet the rent money on them.

There are some who believe if a woman is constantly irritated with her spouse it is a boy. It seems a boy and his father start to challenge each other right off the bat.

Rings tied at the end of a string equates an all time favorite. Tie rings on the end of a piece of string, hold it carefully and watch it turn. If it moves in a back and forth motion, it is a girl, if circular, it is a boy.

Girls are believed to move faster on many fronts, this includes heart rates. The faster the heart rate, you guessed it’s a girl.

Many of the predictions might be the wishful thinking of the couple for a particular gender but no matter how things pan out they will no doubt be happy with their baby, boy or girl.

A pregnancy gender predictor may or may not be accurate.The conclusion is up to the individual but trying to guess the outcome can be fun for the couple and the family members.

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