Palm Reader – Predict Your Future from the Palm of Your Hands

A great palm reader will tell you they can tell you everything about you just by reading their hands but particularly their palms. Their is a hidden story in each of us waiting to be told.

I compare a palm reader to a narrator to a short story or even a mystery. There is an untold story waiting to be heard. Next chance you get take a look at your palms and unlock the mystery that you hold in your hands.

We use our hands to carry things throughout our entire lives The information we hold in our hands is also quite indicative of the future we have before us.

Our hands represent things that lurk in our subconscious as well as our conscious mind. Each hand has its own purpose and direction in telling what is, what was, and what will be.

Usually a palm reader focuses on the dominate hand. For most of us, our dominant hand is the one that we write with.

Just like when we write on paper, the dominant hand writes out our future. A expert  palm reader can see exactly what is spelled out, and read it aloud for those who do not see.

There is far more to reading a palm than simply following chart of lines. Messages are found in many different characteristics of our palms.

Hand size, shape, and surface are as telling as the lines themselves. Between the lines on our palms are ‘mounts,’ these act to help understand what the lines have to say. If only focusing on the lines, important parts of the interpretation can be lost.

The shape of our hand often hints at many things about who we are, and where we are headed. While the shape of our hand doesn’t offer a view into the future, it tells enough about our personality to help determine our actions.

Since our actions are the driving force to our lives, they work as great connection material to interpret what is ahead. When personal characteristics are accurately summed up with a palm reading, the message about our future gains more credibility.

While it is hard to gauge accuracy about a future that has yet to come, it is pretty easy to know how accurate a summary of our personality is. This gives considerable motivation to believe what our palms have to say about our future.

A palm reading can lead to many great things. Sometimes just knowing that one holds their future literally in the palm of their hand is empowering.

Life is a journey, and a well-skilled palm reader can help you use your built-in road map to get exactly where you need to go.

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