Online Tarot Readings – Understanding The Different Types Of Readings

There are a couple of different formats for online tarot readings. One is a fully automated system where you plug in a question and the computer randomly selects cards for your reading. The other kind is where you have a professional psychic do the reading for you online.

Getting the reading the first way can be fun and interesting, but there are a few downsides. Even though the computer doesn’t know much about you and is basing the reading on a random algorithm, the cards have power even though they are just so many pixels on the screen. It doesn’t matter – no matter what format the tart cards are in, they have energy, so one should not at all discount online computerized tarot readings.

One of the downsides of getting a reading done for yourself like this is in the card interpretation. Usually, the program will give you a brief explanation of the cards and what they mean, but the computer cannot tailor it specifically to you.

For example, say you do an online tarot reading and one of the cards that comes up is the two of cups. You read the explanation and see that it is telling you that this card means a loving relationship. Great, you think. But what the computer can’t and doesn’t tell you is the relationship between the cards.

So even though you see the Tower card and read its meaning, you won’t know if that is relating to your love relationship or not, and that can be a big problem because the Tower card spells disaster!

This is why it is a good idea to have a professional psychic do online tarot readings for you. She will be able to study the relationship between the cards when they are laid out.

She will be able to look at the cards, and even study the number of each card and placement. Each card has its own number which means that there is an element of numerology in the reading as well.

One example of this is if many cards come up with the number nine. Nine is a mystical number whose main meaning has to do with completion and finality.

If you get more than two nines in your reading, depending on where they are, this could have a major impact on your reading. A computer reading will not be able to suss out these levels of detail.

But a good psychic will. She will see the nines, and study them in relation to the different cards that are laid down, and be able to tell you that the bad relationship will be ending very soon.

This could be a very important detail in your life which will give you hope and allow you to hang on just a little bit longer until things finalize. So depending on what you are going for, you can choose your online tarot readings with this knowledge.

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