Mediums and Clairvoyants – Maximizing Their Talents To Fit Your Needs

Now there are many  different  interpretations of what a true and proper medium and clairvoyant really is?  Let’s start with the basics for the sake of simplicity (and perhaps populism) a psychic is someone whom can feel and react to the thoughts of others, reacting and communicating to that individual with thoughts of their own.

Typically, a psychic can communicate to both the living and the dead, spirits of the departed, ghosts and so forth.

What is A Medium

To begin with, a Medium is a kind of psychic that can communicate to the spirits of the dead, conversely those same spirits can sometimes also communicate back through that same Medium (hence the name itself, “Medium”).

These are the kinds of psychics that a ghost or spirit that  wanted or wants to communicate with someone that is still alive. This gets to the heart of the matter and the core of the definition, a medium is a type of psychic that can make, “Calls,” to spirits and receive them.

Not only that but when that particular medium makes or receives that, “Call,” both the spirit and the medium are aware of that particular message. This is what most defines the medium, the dual awareness of the message between this world and the next.

What is a Clairvoyant

By contrast, a Clairvoyant is a type of psychic whom can only receive messages from spirits but is unable to send messages back. Think of it like a convict inside an interrogation cell with one wall being one- way glass.

The detectives can hear and see everything the convict does,  but the convict remains blind to them even though he knows that they are there. Also, it is typical that when the clairvoyant receives the message the bond between the sender and receiver are closed and that’s the end of it.

This isn’t always the case,  but it is the one most commonly spoken of. This is the only major difference between mediums and clairvoyants, in all other aspects they function, in a psychic capacity at least, completely indistinguishable.

Mediums and Clairvoyants  have more in Common than you Know

Both the mediums and clairvoyants can commune anywhere at any time unlike the third most common type of psychic, the sensitive, previously mentioned.

The sensitive is exactly the same as the Medium save that the sensitive can only sense spirits in particular areas, typically those places  have been the site of some great tragedy or a place that is haunted.

The Sensitive, then, are, in this respect, perhaps the most beneficently gifted of the three types of psychics, since they are able to help and communicate with the dead but don’t have to be burden by the constant murmuring from the other-world twenty-four hours a day.

These are three most common types of psychics, I hope you found this useful in your study of psychics. May Fortunes find you.

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