Free Psychic Reading with No Credit Card – Reveals if it’s a Boy or Girl

A free psychic reading with no credit card needed helped me find out the sex of my child. When I was pregnant with my third child I was dying to know whether it was a girl or boy. So far I had two boys. Two beautiful, smart, funny boys that were breaking everything in my house and constantly wrestling. I wanted a girl dearly. I wanted to start buying pink frilly dresses, head bows, leggings. I dreamt of baking cookies and quietly coloring for hours rather than seconds. I wanted all the sweetness and femininity that my masculine household lacked.

I drove everybody around me crazy puzzling over the sex of this child. I couldn’t possibly wait for 20 whole weeks to receive the news. I needed to know immediately! Finally my husband jokingly told me I should consult a psychic. And that is just what I did.

Free Psychic Reading With No Credit Card to the Rescue.

I went online for a free psychic reading with no credit card information required. With some hesitation I joined a chat with Psychic Priscilla. She had a kind face and friendly way of speaking, or writing as the case was. As we did some casual chatting to get to know each other, I wondered in my head what she would make of me.

I knew there were probably many clients with much more serious questions: Will I overcome this cancer? Will John propose? Will I land that new job? And here I was obsessing over something I could find out about with just a bit of patience. But since the session was free I decided to forge ahead and ask Priscilla.

So, Did the Free Psychic Reading With No Credit Card Predict a Girl or Boy?

Yes. The psychic did accurately predict the sex, as confirmed by an ultrasound 10 weeks later. And for anybody hanging on the edge of your seat, it was a girl. But more importantly, upon deeper individual discussions the psychic foresaw some other issues. Priscilla saw that my older children would have trouble accepting a new baby in the house. Priscilla also warned me to place particular focus on keeping up the romance with my husband as he would find the pregnancy a drag on our love life.

She also anticipated some issues that would arise with the health of my parents around the time of birth and a period of sadness afterward. One of these predictions turned out to be true as well, but not in the way I would have guessed. And the other, well perhaps the expectation helped change the fate?

Trying a free psychic reading with no credit card needed was something I did on a lark, for information that seems trivial in the long run. But when you need to know, you just need to know. And this was a good, low commitment way to find out.

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