Free Palm Reading – Know Yourself Like the Palm of Your Hand

Many people may have heard the words free palm reading at least once in their lives. The practice of palmistry has roots in the far East and has become known worldwide.

Most people may wonder how they could benefit from arts, such as this. If a reader really wants to know how to get a free palm reading , that person has found the right article.

Ways to Find Free Palm Readings

There are misconceptions that surround this art. Many people will make the mistakes of seeking out experts for one time sessions. By doing this they miss out on, so much more.

They have missed the hole point of the art and only end up wasting their time and money. It is wise to understand what the practice is all about and then begin to seek out a free palm reading.

Practitioners with large budgets will promote their businesses in the phone books. Others rely more on technology, such as the internet.

This enables them to post content on their websites informing web surfers of the services. Other effective ways to find them include word of mouth and references. With these last two, enthusiasts can ask questions and learn from other people’s personal experiences.


Each person has unique lines on their palms that intersect each other forming patterns. It is the jobs of the palm readers to interpret the meanings of them.

The meaning typically indicates a person’s personality. It can also be used to discover one’s future, but this requires a high level of skill. As stated above, some people assume that a free palm reading is a  one time deal, but those ideas are false.

The bottom line is that it takes multiple sessions for customers to be guided in the highest paths for them. Fly by night practitioners provide little value and will most likely disappear in seconds never to be seen again.

Those seeking out services to truly benefit themselves will need to put in some effort to find real spiritual consultants that they can build lasting relationships with. These individuals should be able to demonstrate that they understand the significance of the left and right hands.

Hand Shapes

An individual seeking a free palm reading  will be able to spot a genuine reader by that person’s ability to interpret a hand shape.

However, this knowledge also varies on the type of palmistry being practiced in the first place. In general though, there are four classifications.

The first one is known as Earth hands. The palms are typically square shaped, broad and thick with course skin. Fire hands are pink complected with rectangular shaped palms. Water hands will have conical fingers with oval shaped palms. The final ones are air hands, with long fingers, protruding knuckles and dry skin.

Before hiring a reader for a free palm reading  that person should have a clear understanding of the path that one desires to take.

People that can Benefit

Palmistry has been practiced for centuries for good reason. Individuals have continued seeking out the services in hopes that they could understand the meanings of their lives better.

Although it is considered a pseudoscience by the scientific community, there is much evidence to indicate that the world is being influenced by unseen forces.

Those that truly believe this have no qualms about paying spiritual consultants for consultations on the lines in their hands. A lawyer for example, has now way of knowing the outcome of a case and therefore, no way to foresee the future of one’s career. A palm reader can analyze that person’s hands and provide information that would be useful in a courtroom.

People will continue to judge things they don’t understand. Palm reading has deep roots that span the Eastern portion of the world. They can provide insights into people’s characters and futures.

A free palm reading  can be found either through the yellow pages or internet. 

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