Free Palm Reading – Hand Lines Tell the Story of your Life

A free palm reading is a great way to take what you usually frown upon, lines and wrinkles, and instead use them to gain knowledge. Palm reading is the ancient art of interpreting a person’s past, present, and future using the unique lines and wrinkles of the hands. These are slightly different for every person, just as no two lives are alike.

Free Palm Reading – Reading Between The Lines

Every palm has six main lines. They are the life, fate, marriage, health, head, and heart lines. These lines are obvious to see, but not to read. The spacing, angling, wrinkling, length, shape of fingers and thumb, and prominence of the lines are where the art of palmistry comes in.

A true palmist uses all these subtle differences to interpret an individual’s life. If you are skeptical of palm reading, a free palm reading is the way to go. This low commitment trial of the art can perhaps answer some lingering questions or reveal information that you never would have thought to seek.

You might be concerned about relating to a stranger or what the palm reading might reveal. So a free, small reading would be a good starting off point to see if it holds value for you.

A free palm reading online allows you to consult a palmist without having to visit one in person. Of course getting your palm read in person is fun, but it’s not often convenient.

Sometimes curiosity strikes and you want answers quickly. Will a relationship you are in be successful? Will you overcome a sickness? Will you land a new job? Should you move? How many children will you have? Will you make more money? Will you have one long marriage or many short marriages?

What A Free Palm Reading Feels Like

When I was a little girl, my grandmother used to sit me down to read my palms. In a quiet, serious, but soothing voice, she would lay out the future of her six year old granddaughter. The experience was thrilling and one that I’ll never forget. Just writing about it makes my palm tingle.

Have you ever had your palm read? If so, you might have felt the tingling at your wrists and neck upon hearing your possible fate predicted. Or a sudden itchiness in your hand as the picture of the present solidifies and helps you make a decision.

Or desire to make a fist as the truth of your past, as you have never been able to so clearly see yourself, is laid out before you. And all it took was some time with a master interpreter.

If you had a palm reading a long time ago, you might consider a new free palm reading to see if your fate has changed, as lines have deepened and hands have gained life experience.

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