Free Palm Reading Online – Your Window Into The Unknown

For many of us, the unknown aspects of life are what cause us such major distress — which is why a free palm reading online might be a good idea. On more than one occasion in our lives, we all need a little extra guidance. A small hint to the direction in which we are going can make an enormous difference.

Essentially, we all need a bit of a nudge towards the right path. Sometimes we will need some advice about the future, every now and again we will need someone to shed a sliver of light on our current relationships and just once or twice we are going to want some reassurance that everything will turn out alright if we make the right decisions.

Palmistry is an ancient art. Centuries ago, many people relied on this form of scrying for advice or a peek into the future. Free palm reading online is merely a modern extension of this awe-inspiring form of fortune telling. Some people believe the entire concept to be a hoax — and that is entirely their prerogative.

For those who are more open minded, palmistry can be an incredibly useful asset. The fact of the matter is that none of us truly know the extent to which a “sixth sense” can actually help us. In truth, it is important to realize that we all have our own form of intuition and that palm reading is an intensified extension of this ability.

Chiromancy or palmistry has roots in ancient Indian and Roman cultures. Eastern civilizations used palm readings as an asset in astrology while their European counterparts leaned more towards fortune telling and soothsaying.

Basically, free palm reading online is a modern way to interpret a person’s character, situation and future by closely studying the lines on their hands. Naysayers may argue but there is definitely a lot of truth to be found in these personality evaluations. A surprisingly large amount of information is carried in the hands of a person.

According to both ancient and modern Chiromancy experts, there are four major lines on a person’s hand. Each of these four lines represents the heart, head or mind, life and fate.

Palmistry teaches a person how to read the length, angle and curvature of each of these lines in order to interpret their current lifestyle and any challenges are currently present or that may arise in the future. The fate or destiny line, however, is a little trickier than others and may be hidden or not present at all.

Of course, the lines on a person’s hand are not the only point used to evaluate character or to take a look into the future. Hand and finger shape, skin texture and knuckle protrusions can all be used to shed some light on someone’s personality. This is often the best way to determine someone’s character strengths and weaknesses; and also to determine how they would deal with any upcoming challenges in their lives.

Free palm reading online teaches us how to accurately focus on the most important features of a person’s hand and how to translate these shapes into important information.

The mounts on a person’s hand also shed some light into a person’s character traits — mostly how they behave in social situations and in their relationships. Are you aggressive or passive? Are you shy or do you talk too much? Are you prone to promiscuity? Are you concerned with family matters? These are the questions that can easily be answered by taking a look at the mounts under your fingers.

Gently cupping one’s hand is the best way to view the size of these mounts (which are the padded, fleshy bits directly under each finger). Each of the five mounts represents a particular planetary alignment, and each corresponding planetary alignment fits with a particular character trait.

It is important to remember that chiromancy is largely open to interpretation. Some people have a large amount of crisscrossing lines on their hands that make the entire reading process that much more challenging. Some people may have mounts that are too similar in size to be able to tell the difference.

Approaching a professional palm reader might not always guarantee the results you are looking for. Free online palmistry is a safe bet when it comes to discovering the hidden areas of your life.

Naturally, free palm reading online is a service that is not set in stone. Proper analysis takes time and effort — and you may not always receive the answers you are looking for immediately. Try to approach palmistry as an interpretive process or an additional guide on your individual journey through life.

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