Free Palm Reading – Eternal Quest To Meet Your Destiny

Finding someone who can give you a free palm reading is not as difficult as finding your perfect match. There are several resources  that can answer your questions. In the recent past you may have had to look far and wide to find a satisfactory answer to your questions.

The art of reading the future has been practiced for as long as seers with psychic gifts have been able to understand the signs hidden around our lives, bodies, and world.

Our understanding of these signs has also changed, and the palm reader you get today might not have told you the same things as one would have a few centuries or just a few decades ago.

Origins Of The Free Palm Reading

When you go in to get a free palm reading marriage line analysis, you engage in a craft that dates back thousands of years. Some of the earliest mentions of hand reading come from the Bible, where, contrary to popular belief about palm reading and divining the future, most ancient societies welcomed the presence of a seer. Job 37:7 reads that a man’s worth can be seen in his hand.

During the Middle Ages, the general practice of palmistry proved to be popular amongst the nobility; King Henry VIII of England used palm readers to determine whether or not he would have sons, while his daughter Elizabeth took advice from palmist and court astrologer John Dee. Indeed, one of the books published about hand reading, William Lilly’s Almanac, outsold the Bible itself.

Concepts Of The Marriage Line

Whenever you stop in at a palmist to look into the secrets of a free palm reading marriage line, you may not realize how much of the understanding of these lines have changed over time.

The marriage lines extend beneath the pinky finger (also known by its astrological sign as the Mercury finger), and originally the strength of a line was thought to herald the sex of a child. Mothers and fathers who wished for a male heir would crowd to ask the palmist to read their hands, and a strong line was thought to indicate a robust male capable of continuing the family name.

Today, the lines are known to indicate the health of a child rather than a child’s gender: a strong line means a boy or a girl, but one who will be healthy and happy.

Up, Down, Diagonal

When someone issues a free palm reading, they look for the intersection of lines or parallelism. For instance, more than one line in parallel on the palm indicates that a person will have more than one marriage, while lines that meet up at the marriage line without crossing it indicate that the marriage will soon bear children.

A palmist can take a free palm reading marriage line to discern the length and happiness of a relationship by seeing which lines fork away from the central line, and in which direction.

Left And Right

What does it matter how the lines on a particular palm go? For a reader, it may make all the difference in the world. The hands represent individuals in your life, including yourself, and greater indentations on one hand suggest that the fidelity, passion, or interest of one partner may be greater than that of the other going into a marriage.

This reading has been done for centuries as husbands and wives alike try to determine whether or not their engagement will end with happiness. When you are looking for a free palm reading marriage line as an answer for your marriage questions, you may learn which people in your life have the greatest passions — and which do not.

The Future In Your Hands

A free palm reading can help people make good decisions about their life and love. You can get help determining whether or not a marriage can be happy, successful, and fruitful, in the event that you are not sure exactly what the future holds and would like a professional psychic’s input.

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