5 Steps To Finding Your Spiritual Guidance Squad

Feeling connected to the world around you sometimes comes naturally. There are days your path feels right and your way clear; you know your purpose.┬áSometimes, it’s not that simple. You find yourself feeling lost and unsure, seeking spiritual guidance on your next step.

5 Steps To Finding Your Spiritual Guidance Squad

This is where your spiritual guidance squad comes in. Your squad is your intimate, powerful network of support.

It is already here. Right now, it is a part of your journey, it has been helping you all along.

You just need to find it.

Here are 5 steps to finding your spiritual guidance squad.

1. The Universe

The first step is to realize wherever you look there is one thing that runs at the core of everything – the universe.

The universe has brought you here. You can call it science, Jesus, Buddha, whatever you want. The fact of the matter is you are here and you are a part of everything else that is here.

Everything else is a part of you.

It all comes together. It all already is. To find your squad you must first realize they are already in everything you feel.

Above all, respect and honor this truth.

2. The Entities

Once you have accepted your squad is in fact out there, then comes understanding it.

What forms can your squad take?

For some, it is departed loved ones trying to tell us something. This form can be any member of your family or extended network, even if in this lifetime you barely knew them or had a bad relationship.

Another common form is angels, whose sole purpose is to guide humans on our walk across this earth. There are guardian angels and archangels. Guardian angels have a specific duty to your path and archangels have a duty to all souls.

3. Ask

The purpose of your squad is to offer comfort and guidance. Knowing it is out there is one thing, asking for help is another.

You may ask for a sign, for protection or comfort, or you might even want to offer a simple thank you.

The important thing in this step is to ask without boundaries or expectations. Do not restrict your squad to a specific time or situation.

They will answer whenever and however they feel, and for good reason. Trust.

4. Prepare to Receive Spiritual Guidance

After you ask, play the waiting game.

Occupy your being with things like sleep or mindful work.

Sleep can be of great benefit. Beyond physical rest, it is the gateway to the subconscious mind – a place where guides love to initiate conversation. Meet them there.

Mindful work can be journaling, exercise, or creating a sacred space. Have a place ready to receive your guides.

5. Look Within

Your spiritual guidance squad is a group meant to help your inner purpose. The trick is, your inner purpose is within you.

Make an effort to search the deepest parts of yourself.

Combining seriously honest soul-searching with the benefits of your squad will offer the best results.

Have you connected with your squad yet? Get spiritual guidance and unlock your future!

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